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Due to his art and design background and hands on experience, Tony Troy had a philosophy that is a bit different than other Custom Builders in Central Florida. Kayla's art and design background as well as the time spent learning from her father's business practices are what sets TBCO apart. Focus on energy efficient design of the building envelope, utilize technology with common sense to save money for homeowners throughout the life of the building.

Tony visualized the completed project before it is drawn on paper. He focused on the best way to design a solidly built structure to last with minimal maintenance costs and to build it efficiently yet with great thought to the ultimate final use. Through his own interest and curiosity Tony Troy kept informed on the latest technology and products offered in the construction industry. He investigated whether new products and processes are worth the additional costs to his clients.

Most builders do not possess the background in Fine Arts that Tony has. Originally entering college studying Fine Arts, he changed his major to Construction Management. In 1982 he earned a Bachelors Degree in Professional Studies in Construction Management from Pratt Institute in New York City, Pratt Institute is known for it's Art, Architecture, Engineering and Design curriculum.

Kayla studied Fine Arts in college, seeking first a degree in Fashion Merchandising and eventually completing her coursework in Graphic Design and Advertising with an emphasis in print work. It is here that she studied the components of design and composition with a technology-based curriculum.

When you worked with Tony, you will find he concentrates his time and energy on your satisfaction. He was loyal to the designers, subcontractors and suppliers that he works with. He had a very high standard of quality, honesty and values, and Kayla is creating a similar reputation with the same community of clients and subcontractors and suppliers.

Tony and Kayla Troy love the creativity and satisfaction of designing and building custom construction projects. Whether large or small, all projects get his full attention. Tony had over thirty five years of hands on construction experience, and Kayla is currently working on several new and custom construction projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation on your next project.